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We make science fun! Explore the world of energy through our hands-on workshops where kids become engineers - building wind turbines and solar energy systems. Students investigate energy, conservation, and electricity topics with our team of professional facilitators.

In-Class Workshops

Let us come to you! We lead dynamic workshops consisting of exciting demonstrations and interactive experiments using our unique wind, solar and biogas models. Workshops are linked to STEM curriculum and provide a comprehensive introduction to a unit or reinforce lessons already covered.
Grade 5

Concentrate on Conservation

Explore how energy transfers & simple ways to conserve energy

Grade 5-6

Capture the Wind

Build a model wind turbine and use it as a simple circuit to power a light bulb

Grade 4-6

Plug in the Sun

Harness the energy of the sun using PV solar panels

Grade 7

Digest This!

Explore how zoo poo can be converted into heat & electrical energy

Design Challenges

Grade 4-8

Renewable Energy Design Challenge

Students will build their own working renewable energy models

Field Trips

Located at Exhibition Place, in central Toronto, field trips include a hands-on workshop, tour of the WindShare turbine or rooftop solar array and a fact-finding treasure hunt.

Our trips are available in the fall and spring. We offer custom excursions for all grade levels.
The WindShare wind turbine, located in Toronto on a summer evening. Image of top of the turbine while it isn't moving. Grade 4-8

Wind Energy Tour

Stand underneath a wind turbine in the heart of Toronto & learn how wind energy works

photo of the solar array on top of the Horse Palace roof in Toronto. CN Tower is in the background with the city skyline and a large Canadian Flag waves in the wind on the right. Grade 4-8

Solar Energy Tour

Harness energy from the sun & see a rooftop solar array


Grade 5-6


Learning about energy isn’t just kids’ stuff! We offer interactive workshops, career exploration and field trips for Grades 9-12 with our unique focus on renewable energy.

In-Class Workshops

We offer students the chance to explore their career goals or participate in dynamic workshops using renewable energy technology.
Grade 9

Solar Workshop

Learn about the characteristics of electricity by using solar photovoltaic panels

Grade 9-12

Green Collar Careers

Environment and Career Exploration Workshops

Field Trips

Located at Exhibition Place in Toronto, our tours offer an informative, interactive and close-up look at some of Toronto’s renewable energy projects.

Field Trips can be tailored to your schedule and be combined with a hands-on workshop.
Woman wearing sunglasses smiles while standing next to a model wind turbine outside on a sunny day Grade 9-12

Renewable Energy Tours

See Toronto's downtown wind turbine or visit a rooftop solar installation

Indigenous Communities

Relay Education works with First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities to co-develop tailored education and skills building programs

Indigenous Community Programs

Whether you’re negotiating a project partnership, building your own renewable energy development or working with youth to facilitate skills and employment we’d love to hear from you.

Grade 1-8

Indigenous Youth Programs

Our renewable energy classroom workshops offered for Indigenous youth across Ontario.

Indigenous Green Career Exploration

Identify career paths and learn ways you can make a positive impact based on your passions.